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Sprayed concrete shell quote
finger features on a concrete wall spraying of concrete
  Exclusive & main features :
- fits ideally a self-standing outdoor installation
- entirely sculpted by hand
- accepts additional bolt-on holds (embedded nuts)
- accepts additional inset holds (embedded cases)
- color as customer chooses, possibility of extra theming and designs
- unique single use designs, fitting each project and its specific environment (monumental wall, themed wall, retaining wall, etc…)
  Description :
- anchored to a concrete foundation
- galvanized steel "skeleton" for the main shape
- wire-mesh for the spraying of concrete and sculpture (shaped) coating
- system complies with requirements of standard EN 12572 / CWIG specifications (USA)
- landing area : 30 cm (1') deep recess containing unformaly sized 10/15 mm (3/8") gravel
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