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Introduction to climbing
at local events, fairs
or as an activity sales function
Rental walls are available : they are composed of fiberglass reinforced climbing panels : 1 m x1 m (3' x 3') for an easy handling. Dimensions : 4 m (13') wide x 6 m (20') high
Climbing routes : 3
Support structure : scaffold in compliance with current standards
Possible positioning : any surface, indoors or outdoors
In addition to the rental of the climbing surface alone, we can, according to choice :
- rent the scaffold ;
- build the wall ;
- take the wall down ;
- transport the wall to and from venue ;
- send fully endorsed climbing instructors/climbers to take care of the participants
Rentals can be for a day, a week-end, a week, a month, a year. The amount of material rental will be deducted from any order placed with Pyramide within a year after the start of the rental.
Some events that used rented Pyramide surfaces :
X-Games/Disneyland Resort : Paris (France)
Cruise Helsinki/Stockholm (Finland/Sweden)
Telethon : Velizy (France)
25th anniversary of the German Alpine Club : Stuttgart (Germany)
Dentsu designers' exhibition, Nagoya (Japan)
Sportsfair : Marne la Vallee (France), Chaumont (France)
Olympiad : Roubaix (France)
Rakan Muda : Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
Corporate event : Alpico Cup Matsumoto (Japan), Reebok (USA)
Modane - La Norma : Climbing show (France)
Paris, France
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