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Pyramide has supplied some of the greatest climbing competition events throughout the world and was a key instigator of the first international climbing competition in 1987 (1st indoor sport climbing world championship in Grenoble, France).

Ever since, Pyramide has been involved in the sport climbing competition circuits and has erected walls for the World Championships in Geneva, Switzerland (1995) and Paris, France (1997), lately for the Asian Championships 2001 and the World Cup in Singapore (August 2002).

Pyramide is the first official supplier of the FFME (Federation Francaise de la Montagne et de l'Escalade = French Mountaineering and Climbing Federation), of the DAV (German Alpine Club) and of the SMF (Climbing Federation of Singapore).
We rent climbing walls made of fiberglass reinforced panels systems, entirely flexible and modular to fit all your configuration requirements.
The competition climbing surface may be installed on any type of supporting structure/wall, indoors or outdoors.
Select your climbing wall requirements from our products and expertise :
- rent the climbing surface ;
- rent the warm-up surface ;
- rent the support scaffold ;
- manufacture panels with the sponsors' logos ;
- build the wall ;
- take the wall down ;
- organize the route setting with endorsed and UIAA approved national and international route setters.
- transport the walls ;
- become member of the sponsors' team ;
- install the wall surfaces into schools, sport halls and clubs (as permanent walls) after the event
Rentals can be for a day, for a week-end, etc…
Some events that used rented Pyramide surfaces :
X-Games : Phuket (Thailand), Brisbane (Australia)
North American Continental Championships : Vancouver (Canada)
World Cups : Frankfurt (Germany), Laval (France), Kobe (Japan), Clusone (Italy), Singapore
Asian Cups / Asian Championships : Singapore, Tehran (Iran), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
World Championships : Geneva (Switzerland), Paris (France)
Youth World Championships : Laval (France)
Youth European Championships : Imst (Austria), Bern (Switzerland)
National Championships : Singapore, Geneva (Switzerland), Sydney Blue Mountains (Australia), Aix-les-Bains (France), Taipei (Taiwan), Tel-Aviv (Israel), Kristiansand (Norway)
Benelux countries' Championships : Maastricht (The Netherlands)
University French Championships : Tours (France), Laval (France)
European Championships : Paris (France)
World Cup-Laval, France
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