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Modular, Geometric & Variable Climbing Wall quote
MGV panels Rabat (Morocco) Removing an MGV panel Rotate, and screw in place
  Exclusive & main features :
- this climbing wall system enables you to create any inclination and wall profile out of the one climbing surface and support structure system. The fixing system of the panels can be adapted any time to a change in inclination to transform an incline into an overhang for example
- each panel is fixed to the support structure with 4 screws (removable from the front of the wall)
- as the panels are square, you can obtain 4 different orientations
- one person only is enough to handle a panel, turn it or exchange it with another panel, and bolt it again
- individual progression and top-rope belay systems at each angle of panel every 1.00 m (3')
- 4 embedded markings in the panel to indicate the level of difficulty according to orientation (4 orientations = 4 separate levels)
- weight : 8.5 Kg (19 lbs)
  Description :
- a combination of sculpted, fiberglass reinforced featured panels (real rock copies), 1m x1m (3' x 3'), fixed on hinges at each corner
- support structure : self-standing or against a support wall treated (or hot dipped galvanized) steel support structure with re-configurable elements
- 2 positions for inset holds with patented anti-rotation system and 5 to 12 nuts for bolt-on holds with patented anti-rotation system to enhance the climbing surface
- color as the customer chooses
- models as the customer chooses
- structure complies with requirements of standard EN 12572 and CWIG specifications (USA).
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