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Modular climbing surfaces
The regular renewal of the climbing routes through the exchange of climbing holds or the change of their positions proves to be insufficient and outdated to modern sport climbing.

The yearly change of inclines, profiles and features of a modular climbing section offers new degrees of difficulty, hence new challenges to the users : in reality, a brand new wall with no extra purchase of additional climbing surface.

- a vertical surface turns into an incline
- an incline turns into an overhang or a roof
  Pyramide 's recommendation
Consider giving greater priority to 1 m x 1 m (3' x 3') fiberglass panels as they can easily be handled by one person: it guarantees the autonomous managing and renewal of your climbing surface without compromising the safety systems (only 4 bolts to unscrew from the front side). Modular panel systems, designed especially to be dismantled and re-arranged are the only ones to offer new challenges for sport climbing walls.
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