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MagNet holds for children quote
MagNets A - Principle MagNets A - Disc
  Exclusive & main features :
- climbing as a play offers stimulating and progressive games to children between 3 and 11
- stress free climbing holds for joints and muscles (pass standard EN 1176.1)
- all climbing holds bear a number : the reading position indicates the position of the hold upon installation
- patented system
  Description :
- each hold has a removable, colored magnetic disc which allows an instant spotting of the climbing play routes
- games are organized on the base of the numbers embedded on each hold and of the visual information contained on the discs (color, markings,…)
- the climbing holds are installed on a vertical or slightly steep surface, limited in height : 1.60 m (5') for children from 3 to 6, and 2.20 m (7') for children from 7 to 11
- game cards have been written by educational advisors to assist the teacher and allow an easy assessment of the students
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