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Design recommendations
Configuration : beginners' surface (vertical and light inclines) with automatic belay systems to ensure a permanent free access
Height : 3 m (10') to 6 m (20')
Width : according to space available, do not forget it determines the largest number of participants possible : 1.00 m (3') to 1.20 m (4') wide = one route
Number of protruding holds : 10 / sq. m (1 / sq. ft) to set several routes on the same surface
Support : whether the available support is a concrete wall, a breeze block wall, a steel frame, timber columns or other, there is always a possibility to adapt a corresponding climbing wall support. The option of self-standing climbing wall supports is also a solution. The climbing wall may also be fixed to a structure with rollers to move it easily.
Crash area : indoors = fold-away crash mats / outdoors = gravel base 30 cm (1') deep
Some references :
Herblay : Decathlon (France), Belfort : Decathlon (France), Stuttgart : Karstadt (Germany), Bremen (Germany), Berlin : Karstadt (Germany), Frederikstad (Norway), SRC (Japan), Singapore : Planet Fitness, Tel-Aviv : Lametayel (Israel)
Our services :
- design assistance
- advisory consulting / quotation (free of charge, no commitment)
- help for writing the technical specifications (tender document, etc…)
- engineering & technical information (loads on support wall and floor, information about standards, etc…)
  Pyramide 's recommendation
Stress particularly the aesthetics of the wall by using preferably either a Cliff, or an M.G.V. surface, or a surface with no relief but with a themed mural painting
Bremen (Germany)
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>   M.G.V.
Frederikstad (Norway)
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>   M.G.V.