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Hospital / physiotherapy clinic
Design recommendations
Width : give it greater importance, for it determines the largest number of participants possible
Height : 3 m (10') minimum, with top-rope belay systems on top of the wall
Configuration : vertical and/or very easy slab
Number of protruding holds : 10 / sq. m (1 / sq. ft)
Location : in the sport hall or in a corridor
Support : whether the available support is a concrete wall, a breeze block wall, a steel frame, timber columns or other, there is always a possibility to adapt a corresponding climbing wall support. The option of self-standing climbing wall supports is also a solution
Crash area : crash mats or synthetic soft floor (preferably poured, not tiles)
Some references :
Bullion : Pediatric and Physiotherapy Center (France), Oberjoch : Santa Maria Clinic (Germany), Angers : Medical and Educational Institute (France), Saint Dizier : Special Hospital Center (France)
Our services :
- design assistance
- advisory consulting / quotation (free of charge, no commitment)
- help for writing the technical specifications (tender document, etc…)
- engineering & technical information (loads on support wall and floor, information about standards, etc…)
  Pyramide 's recommendation
Use fold-away crash mats with built-in straps to be able to conceal access to the wall outside normal climbing hours (the mats are then folded vertically against the climbing surface and strapped).
Plan slabs on movable structure units that will allow precise and quick adaptation to the physical abilities of the patients
Bullion (France)
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