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Climbing gym business
Design recommendations
Configuration : give greater space to the beginners' section, only 5% to 10% of the surface is to be dedicated to the expert climbers.
After 1 or 2 years of operation, it is necessary to plan major visual as well as technical changes to adapt to the technical evolution of the members. It may be an extension of the gym, or a change in the angles of the modular surfaces. We do recommend to use modular surfaces which can be modified independently by the wall manager (15% of the total climbing surface except for the boulder areas).
Plan inclines and overhangs (1 m to 6 m = 3' to 20' for competitions)
Slab for beginners not necessary, rather plan vertical surfaces
Width : give it greater importance, for it determines the largest number of participants possible : 1.20 m (4') to 1.50 m (5') wide = one route for a pair climber/belayer
Average height : 10 m to 15 m (33' to 50')
Number of protruding holds : 10 / sq. m (1 / sq. ft) to be able to set several routes on the same wall section
Support : whether the available support is a concrete wall, a breeze block wall, a steel frame, timber columns or other, there is always a possibility to adapt a corresponding climbing wall support. The option of self-standing climbing wall supports is also a solution
Crash area : permanent crash mats
Safety : plan belay anchor systems on the floor, 2.50 m (8') in front of the wall (anchoring case with removable cap) to allow a sure belaying for beginners
automatic belay systems to attract climbers on their own
draw a red line at a 3 m (10') height to indicate the limit of climbing without rope belaying (traversing)
Other fittings / comfort items : lighting = minimal intensity of 300 lux even / heating and ventilation = temperature 16°C (60°F) to 18°C (65°F), the hot air must not accumulate on top of the wall
Some references :
Rotterdam : Monte Cervino (the Netherlands), Toronto : Toronto Climbing Academy (Canada), Lucerne : Rollerpalast (Switzerland), Maebashi : Wallstreet (Japan), Imst (Austria), Brussels : Winner's Club (Belgium), Grenoble : Espace Vertical (France), Oyama : Rock Craft (Japan)
Our services :
- design assistance
- advisory consulting / quotation (free of charge, no commitment)
- help for writing the technical specifications (tender document, etc…)
- engineering & technical information (loads on support wall and floor, information about standards, etc…)
  Pyramide 's recommendation
Plan a separate space for groups ("a gym in the gym"). Plan a boulder area : surface under 4.50 m (15') high, large overhangs, for climbing without belay, with deep landing mats
Kleve (Germany)
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