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Climbing gears
Pyramide offers climbing equipment manufactured by the best American brands and French brands with CE standards markings (Petzl, Beal, Black Diamond, FiveTen, Mammut).
List of climbing equipment offered :
- adjustable harnesses for adults and children
- climbing rope especially designed for ACS's (Artificial Climbing Surfaces)
- screwgate karabiners
- descenders/belay devices
- quickdraws especially designed for ACS's
- climbing shoes
- autobelay systems
  Pyramide 's recommendation
- replace the climbing ropes at least once a year ;
- conduct a safety check of the climbing equipment at least once a year and keep a log book to record :
. date of purchase
. date of first use
. number of uses
. list of modifications (e.g. cutting of the rope)
. unusual shocks (which may jeopardize any future use)
. quality check report
- to calculate the length of the rope required for one climbing section, use this simple formula-length of the climbing route x 2 and add 5 meters (15').
Climber with gear.
Climbing gear