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Boulder area
Structures limited in height with no belays : landing mats adapted to the fall height are placed at the base of the walls to protect the climbers
A bouldering area can serve as a separate training area for specific climbing disciplines. This is certainly relevant for climbers practicing climbing "moves" for competition purposes and outdoor rock climbing. Bouldering has become a climbing activity on its own : more and more boulder competitions are organized world wide in climbing gyms and the outdoors (Boulder World Championships).
A bouldering area will also cater to school groups in a limited space for initiation sessions. By definition, bouldering does not use ropes, so that the safety check is easier for the instructors. Bouldering has become both a recreational pastime and a recognized sport.
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Since the height is very limited, boulder areas may be installed into locker rooms or storage rooms : they may also be used as warm-up zones during competitions on the wall of a facility
Plywood boulder
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