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Electrically powered
angle adjustments systems
Electrically powered adjustment systems offer climbing wall sections that can be instantly adjusted to the level of each climber by articulating the wall into a vertical, incline or slab climb.
You may also select very precise angles to adapt to the climbing ability or training requirements of the climber
  Pyramide 's recommendation
- for climbing wall sections above the 4 m / 5 m (13'/16') level, select an electrically powered system rather than a hand operated system. By doing so, it optimizes the use of the upper sections of a climbing wall.
- it is best to combine the use of a powered inclination system with fiberglass reinforced panels, since the panels are enhanced by several features and reliefs (handholds and footholds) : this will ensure you can obtain multiple levels of climbing routes on the same inclination (by elimination of certain features). This can be achieved in several ways by using : either the protruding/inset holds and the panels, or the protruding holds and the panels only, or the protruding holds only, or the inset holds only, or the panels' features only…
6 mechanically powered wall sections
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