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Automatic belay system
For indoor and outdoor climbing walls
Pyramide offers 2 types of automatic belay system. Both types are placed at the top of a climbing route and automatically arrests the rope when the climber falls off the wall. The systems also lowers the climber gently down to the ground if the tension on the rope is constant.
An automatic belay system alleviates the "human factor" risks in belaying (e.g. belay error, no technical mastering of belay particulars by beginners for example…).
Auto-belay systems are particularly suited to :
- climbing gyms : to minimize the staffing, to attract climbers on their own who to train.
> the return on investment is very quick
- schools and teaching facilities : the systems are used as double belays when teaching top-rope and lead climbing belay techniques
- event facilties : the systems allow a quick rotation of the participants, in complete safety, with a minimum number of instructors
The automatic belay systems also offer a particularly safe, quick and constantly available climbing route within the facility to have access to the top of the facility (to place ropes for top-roping, for maintenance inspections).
  Pyramide 's recommendation
Install these systems on climbing sections for the beginners (slabs or vertical sections) and in halls open to public without specific supervision.
Auto-belay system