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Aquaclimb quote
  Exclusive & main features :
- a climbing activity in a swimming pool environment
- the structure is installed on the edge of the pool, either level with the water surface, or starting under the water.
- fiberglass climbing panels with special additives for swimming pool conditions
- entirely reconfigurable
- climbing panels can be rotated (4 positions), and interchanged : weight = 8.5 Kg (19 lbs)
- portable installations to allow removal of the wall from the edge of the pool in case of swimming competition
- anchors designed to protect the waterproof membranes
- color of panels and holds as customer chooses
- models of panels and holds as customer chooses
  Description :
- special grade stainless steel (specific for swimming pool environments)
- designed to fit and adapt to the pool's edge particulars
- the wall structure utilizes under 40 cm (16') of floor space at the back of the wall
- maximum height for a play use : 3 meters (10')
- 1m x 1m (3' x 3') climbing panels, featured surface with inset holds and protruding holds.
- specially designed textured surface for wet hands and feet (soft with good friction)
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